Log Line

In a broken world struggling to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, a mutated new super virus threatens to destroy the remnants of mankind.


When civilisation is hit with the outbreak of a new lethal virus, the results are swift, chaotic, and deadly, throwing the world into further crisis. With the last hopes for a cure pinned on brilliant young scientist, Allyson, the military are given one final mission: to deliver Allyson to her laboratory at all costs. It’s a duty undertaken without hesitation. Yet as the pandemic intensifies, and their progress, numbers, and optimism start to dwindle, the group find themselves struggling not only with the infected population, but with a sombre dilemma: does humanity truly deserve to be saved?

Director: Daniel H. Torrado
Langauge: English
Cast: Christian Stamm, Loretta Hope, Tomas Paredes, Ramon Alvarez
Genre: Action
Country: USA
Runtime: 87 Minutes
Production Year: 2020