In the latest fantasy action-epic from the director of Assassin’s Guild and Warchief, a struggle for survival risks evolving into all-out war when a group of powerful elves are called to join the fight.


Revolt is on the horizon in the ancient city of Lloris, ruled with an iron fist by the merciless Sheriff (Lord of the Rings’ Billy Boyd) and The Brute (The Hobbits’ Ryan Gage). Believing their mystical powers could help free the oppressed citizens from tyranny, a young human seeks out the aid of the reclusive elves and their legendary Warlord.


However, with both sides harbouring secrets, and hiding their true motives, this tentative alliance between the humans and elves may bring about the downfall of them all.

Director: Stuart Brennan (Risen, Plan Z, The Necromancer)
Producer: Stuart Brennan
Language: English
Cast: Stuart Brennan (Warchief, Stalker), Jennifer English (Baldur’s Gate III), Ryan Gage (The Hobbit, Kingslayer), Billy Boyd (The Lord of the Rings)
Genre: Action
Country: United Kingdom
Production Year: In Post-Production | Delivery Q2 2024