The Listener
The Problem With People

About us

Kaleidoscope Film Distribution (KFD) is an established International Sales company, specialising in commercial feature films and branded documentaries.

Latest highlights in KFD’s line-up include The Listener, starring Tessa Thompson as a struggling crisis helpline volunteer, directed by Steve Buscemi; hilarious yet heartfelt comedy The Problem with People, led by Colm Meaney and Paul Reiser; blood-soaked Halloween slasher Haunt Season; and stunning animation The Land of Sometimes, from the Producers of How to Train Your Dragon, featuring the voice talents of Ewan McGregor and Helena Bonham Carter.

From definitive stories of famous cultural icons and sporting heroes, to exposes and tales recalling unforgettable world changing events, KFD also features a huge range of unique and diverse documentaries across its catalogue, many of which are multiple award-winning. Brand new titles include Never Look Away, following the incredible life of swashbuckling combat camerawoman, Margaret Moth; and the definitive documentary of the pop music legend, George Michael: Portrait of an Artist.

Further titles now ready for delivery are delightfully festive rom-com Feather Christmas; gloriously gritty crime-thriller London Tales: Fall of the Roman Empire; a brand-new film adaptation of Hamlet starring Shakespearian titan, Ian McKellen; FrightFest horror hit Lore; prestige revenge thriller Kill; gripping true-crime documentary The LieOne Night in Millstreet, revisiting the unforgettable prize-fight between Steve Collins and Chris Eubank; and Defoe, following the next chapter in the life of footballing legend.