Meet The Team

Spencer Pollard

CEO. Founded Kaleidoscope in 2008 and oversaw corporate acquisitions of Platform Entertainment in 2016 and Icon Film Distribution in 2018.

Adam Sergeant

Chief Operating Officer
Adam has been with Kaleidoscope for more than ten years, previously having worked for FMCG brands including Coca-Cola, Muller and Cadbury.

Daniel Cooper

Director of Sales
Daniel began his career as a script editor and development executive in the UK/US where he worked with Oscar winner Julian Fellowes amongst others.

Oriana Gregorj

Sales and Marketing Coordinator
Oriana joined Kaleidoscope in 2020 after completing an MA in Film Distribution and Marketing.

Mark Fisher

Director of Finance
With extensive finance experience in distribution, international sales and production, Mark joined Kaleidoscope from Icon Film Distribution in 2018.

Kelly-Marie Ridgers

Marketing Manager
Kelly-Marie joined the Kaleidoscope marketing team in January 2017, after seven years at Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Brian Fitzmaurice

Business Affairs
Having previously worked for Alliance Atlantis and Kew Media (formerly ContentFilm), Brian has been a consultant for Kaleidoscope since 2012.

Lydia Watts

Marketing Executive
Lydia joined Kaleidoscope in 2021 after graduating from an MA course in Film Distribution and Marketing, and a BA degree in Film Production.

Talitha Lewis

Finance Assistant
Talitha joined Kaleidoscope in June 2021 after gaining her financial feet in the property sector.

Viviana Gonzalez Dieguez

Operations Manager
Viviana joined the Kaleidoscope team in June 2021, after 10 years working in technical operations in UK film distribution and international sales.