When a young woman encounters the infamous hacker group ‘Anonymous’, her life and world quickly spiral out of control across 7 edge-of-your-seat episodes.


A young woman, Breeze, socialises with strangers online, believing it to be a harmless pastime until she happens across a mysterious, masked figure who claims to be an agent from the underground hacking group known as ‘Anonymous’.


In response to Breeze’s scepticism, the figure proves their terrifying hacking skills that have destroyed numerous lives, and reveals that Breeze’s location is already known to them. Now intrigued by the group’s power and interest in her, Breeze makes the life-changing decision to take up the mask, but must also face the risks of entering a lawless world where discovery can mean death.

Director: Joshua De Leon
Language: English
Cast: Brianna Bauch, Brianna Bowman
Genre: Thriller
Production Year: 2023 (Complete)