Haunt Season

In this gloriously unhinged horror, a masked killer targets the actors of a haunted house attraction, mercilessly turning their characters’ fates into a blood-soaked reality.


In the lead-up to Halloween, a young woman joins the cast of a fairground haunted house, but gets more than she bargained for when her fellow actors start mysteriously vanishing, one by one.


It is soon revealed that a masked killer is responsible for these disappearances, murdering his victims in ways that mimic the gruesome deaths of their characters. And on Halloween night, the brutality is taken to another level as the killer unleashes a whirlwind of violence on all who dare to enter the house.

Director: Jake Jarvi
Producer: Jake Jarvi, Stephen Kristof, Eliza Toser, Jeremy Warner
Language: English
Writer: Jake Jarvi
Cast: Sarah Elizabeth, Janet Jurado, Adam Hinkle
Genre: Horror
Country: United States
Runtime: 81 Minutes
Production Year: 2024