In this modern twist on a classic fairy tale, a kidnapped princess plots a daring escape, while her scholarly fiancé must use his wits in an epic quest to find her.


Mina, a young princess, defies her father by breaking tradition and choosing Ronan as her husband, a bookish boy genius who is about as far from a traditional Prince as you can get. However, just as the wedding festivities begin, a dragon swoops in and flies away with the princess! It is now up to Ronan to embark on a dangerous rescue mission that takes him to a faraway land.


Meanwhile, Mina has been captured by the evil sorcerer Kezabor, who has already kidnapped many of her fellow princesses, turning any who dare stand against his schemes into golden statues. Determined to free herself, and break the spell upon the others, Mina decides to risk everything and challenge Kezabor herself.

Producer: Sefi Carmel, Sasha Shapiro
Language: English
Cast: Dan Edwards, Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld, Pete Zarustica
Genre: Animation
Country: United Kingdom/ Cyprus
Runtime: 90 Minutes
Production Year: 2024