Doctor Who Am I

Infamous Doctor Who screenwriter, Matthew Jacobs, is reluctantly dragged back into the American ‘Whoniverse’ to face the fandom that brutally rejected his work 25 years earlier.


In 1996, a Doctor Who TV movie was envisioned to lead the franchise into an exciting new future with a fresh direction but was met only by an outcry from disapproving fans. Now, follow the film’s screenwriter, Matthew Jacobs, as he is pulled back into the world of the Doctor Who fandom, where he unexpectedly finds himself a kindred part of this close-knit, yet vast, family of fans.

Director: Vanessa Yuille, Matthew Jacobs
Producer: Matthew Jacobs (Doctor Who: The Movie), Vanessa Yuille, Colin Vaines (My Week with Marilyn, The Young Victoria, Miss Potter)
Language: English
Cast: Matthew Jacobs, Paul McGann (The Three Musketeers, Queen of the Damned), Eric Roberts (Inherent Vice, The Dark Knight, The Expendables), and Daphne Ashbrook (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
Genre: Documentary
Country: USA
Runtime: 80 Minutes
Production Year: 2022