Three warriors face a perilous journey filled with dark secrets and bloodthirsty foes, in this action-packed fantasy adventure from BAFTA-winner Stuart Brennan and Golden Globe-winning Producer Gareth Wiley.


A band of guardians, led by their honourable captain Orion, are tasked with delivering a mysterious messenger to their king, embarking on a journey that for some, may be their last. For their once peaceful homelands are brimming with dangerous secrets and deadly foes, the dense forest hiding not only hordes of plague-ridden outcasts but the groups deadliest foe yet, a bloodthirsty orc ‘Warchief’, who is mercilessly carving his own way towards the king.


Growing suspicious of the messengers motives, and with dark magic tearing the guardians apart, Orion faces an impossible challenge, helpless to stop an impending showdown as the Warchief and his tribe, drawn by the prospect of battle, close in. All are willing to lay down their lives for their respective causeā€¦ and only one can remain standing.

Director: Stuart Brennan (Risen, Plan Z, The Necromancer)
Producer: Stuart Brennan, Gareth Wiley (Vicky Cristina Barcelona)
Language: English
Cast: Stuart Brennan, Rosanna Miles, Michael Lambourne (Cashback), Andrea Vasiliou (Wonder Woman), BAFTA-nominee Suzanne Packer, Steven Elliot (The Crown)
Genre: Action
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 93 Minutes
Production Year: 2022 (Complete)