Last Days of Dunkirk

At the height of World War II, a fearless platoon must evade a murderous regiment of Nazi soldiers and escape to the beaches of Dunkirk. From the Producers of Lancaster Skies, Spitfire Over Berlin, and Battle Over Britain.


In the dark days of 1940, the British army has fallen back to the town of Dunkirk, desperately awaiting evacuation. Meanwhile, a few miles inland, the last survivor of his regiment joins the remnants of another platoon, and together face an arduous escape to the coast.


Wounded, exhausted, and with the threat of the cold-blooded SS tracking them down, the soldiers’ journey home has barely begun, with their only hope being their sheer determination to survive.

Director: Callum Burn (Spitfire Over Berlin, Lancaster Skies)
Producer: Andrew Burn, Callum Burn
Language: English
Genre: Action
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 90 Minutes
Production Year: In Pre-Production | Delivery Q2 2025