London Tales: Fall of the Roman Empire

A viciously gritty and unforgettably unhinged action-thriller, based on true events, set amongst the criminal underworld of South London.


London crime boss Mick Roman is deathly ill, and time is running out to find a successor. His only options are an aging consigliere or an impulsive enforcer, but neither are suitable to take the throne.


Meanwhile, chaos reigns over the family who are coping with a paranoid ex-soldier, the return of a rebellious niece, and a drug-fuelled business meeting in Amsterdam. With deceit, ambition and infighting on the rise, this Roman empire may be about to fall.

Director: Michael Head
Producer: Rohit Nathaniel
Language: English
Cast: John Hannah (Four Weddings, The Mummy), Frank Harper (Lock Stock, The Football Factory), Alan Ford (Snatch, Cockneys v Zombies), Adam Deacon (Anuvahood), Vas Blackwood (Lock Stock, Mean Machine), Charlotte Kirk (The Reckoning, Ocean’s Eight).
Genre: Thriller
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 99 Minutes
Production Year: 2024