An isolated group of backpackers innocently tell scary stories around a campfire, unaware that with each word they say, they unleash another supernatural horror into reality.


In this FrightFest hit, four young thrill-seeking friends book a horror-themed camping excursion led by Darwin, a strange and eccentric guide, who one night encourages them to tell their scariest story around a fire. As they recount tales of sinister spirits and malevolent demons, the group soon realises that these stories will have very real consequences for them all.

Director: James Bushe (Cannibals and Carpet Fitters), Patrick Ryder (Human, The Code) and Greig Johnson (The Wilds)
Producer: Adam Bouabda
Language: English
Cast: Richard Brake (Doom, Hannibal Rising), Andrew Lee Potts (The Witcher, Primeval), Bill Fellows (Ted Lasso, Lady Macbeth), Rufus Hound (Hounded, Queens of Mystery)
Genre: Horror
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 87 Minutes
Production Year: 2023 (Complete)