Assassin’s Guild

An exciting new action-fantasy from the director and producer of Kingslayer and Warchief.


In the aftermath of the brutal Mermaid Wars, the fractured, yet once great city of Iliad is under siege by dark forces. Distracted by the notorious Goblin Hunter – a lethal killer with a vendetta on her hands – the Guardians tasked with holding the peace turn a blind eye to the scheming, underground city guilds with terrifying results, as the undead start to rise.


With the city full of ill-will and corruption rife, Death himself is forced to forge a partnership and take matters into his own hands, offering Atticus, an elite fighter killed in the final assault on the sea, a chance to return to the land of the living. But this gift does not come without a cost… 

Director: Stuart Brennan (Risen, Plan Z, The Necromancer)
Producer: Stuart Brennan (Warchief, Kingslayer, Stalker), Gareth Wiley (Match Point, Cassandra’s Dream, Vicky Cristina Barcelona)
Language: English
Cast: Laura Masters, Stuart Brennan (Stalker, Kingslayer, Risen), Rosanna Miles (Warchief), Ryan Gage (The Hobbit, Queen Charlotte), Mark Paul Wake (Plan Z), David Hayman (Macbeth), Kerry Norton (Battlestar Galactica), Jarreau Benjamin (Jeepers Creepers)
Genre: Action
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 103 Minutes
Production Year: 2023 (Complete)