Life In Extremes

Diving 125m beneath the ocean without oxygen, cycling across America with less than 10 hours of sleep, and flying with nothing but a webbed Nylon suit from cliff tops; Life In Extremes looks at what drives three extraordinary athletes.


There are those for whom the parameters of everyday life are not enough. Seeking thrills and adrenaline beyond the capacity of mainstream society, Life in Extremes documents three extraordinary individuals who risk everything to push their bodies and minds to the very limits:  a wingsuit flyer (Halvor Angvik) leaping from cliff tops; a freediver (Guillaume Néry) who plunges 125m into the ocean; and an extreme cyclist (Gerhard Gulewicz) facing perilous conditions – all striving to reach the top of their sporting fields.


Discover how, and why, in a world increasingly bound by regulations, these individuals seek to reignite the primal forces of fear, danger and the most instinctive of emotion of all – survival. And once these boundaries are fractured, can life as the majority of us know it, ever be the same again?


There is no ordinary. There are no constraints. This is Life In Extremes.

Director: Sascha Kollnreitner
Producer: Carl Hollmann
Language: English, German & French
Writer: __
Cast: Halvor Angvik, Gerhard Gulewicz & Guillaume Nery
Genre: Documentary
Country: Austria
Runtime: 90 Minutes
Production Year: 2014