When the Serbian Prime Minister is assassinated, A military dictator threatens to seize power. With Europe on the brink of war, an elite special ops team are the final hope.


Andy Marlow is an ex-British S.A.S serviceman turned mercenary who is working covertly at an observation post in the Balkans after a military coup has resulted in the assassination of the Serbian Prime Minister. The coup has been instigated by Olodan Cracovic, the ex-commander of the Croat Army and wanted war criminal. During the unrest, Olodan’s army raided the U.S. Embassy and has taken the U.S Ambassador and his aide captives. The decision is taken to send in Mercenaries to carry out the top secret rescue.


Marlow and his team are sent into Srebrenica under the cover of darkness. US Military personnel posing as United Nations peacekeepers are playing a support role, but cannot take part in active operations. Covertly, Andy and his team infiltrate Olodan’s headquarters, taking him captive and releasing the Ambassador and his aide. However the rescue is far from over. Now they are faced with transporting them back to a safe area twenty five miles south where US troops are waiting. With Olodan’s right hand man in pursuit, their mission takes an unexpected turn. They find themselves outnumbered, outgunned and fighting what could easily be a losing battle.

Director: Paris Leonti
Producer: Luc Chaudhary
Language: English
Writer: Paris Leonti
Cast: Robert Fucilla (The Big I Am), Billy Zane (Titanic, Dead Calm), Vas Blackwood (Lock Stock & two Smoking Barrels), Rob James Collier (Downtown Abbey), Geoff Bell (Rock N Rolla, Solomon Kane)
Genre: Action
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 90 Minutes
Production Year: 2011