The Green Planet

Take a spectacular journey to one of Earth’s most beautiful and diverse natural habitats: The Forest.


It covers thirty percent of the Earth’s land mass and yet, most of us barely scratch the surface.  Now, discover what few people have seen, as The Green Planet follows the stories of forest inhabitants, from graceful red deer to cunning foxes and impressive wild boar.  With cutting edge technology, we also explore some of the more bizarre and wonderful forest dwellers: the purple emperor, liverworts, stag beetles and corydalis. See flowers bloom and blades of grass cut through the snow; Spend time in a fox’s den with her newborns cubs and follow tiny insects and creatures with microscopic detail.


Be a part of a journey that takes you through the seasons and be prepared to be amazed by the natural wonder of creation, destruction and rebirth in this incomparable landscape.


Produced by Studio Hamburg’s renowned Doclights division, whose nature films have won multiple awards and dozens of international prizes, including ‘Best Picture’, ‘Best Photography’, ‘Best Cinematography’ and ‘Best Editing’.

Director: Jan Haft
Producer: Jorn Rover, Melanie Haft, Jan Haft
Language: German
Writer: Jan Haft
Cast: NA
Genre: Documentary
Country: Germany
Runtime: 93 Minutes
Production Year: 2012