The Haunted

Arriving at an isolated house for her first nightshift, young carer Emily is left alone to face a terrifying vengeful spirit in this disturbingly clever, psychological horror.


Employed as a night-nurse for the ailing Mr Cunningham, young carer Emma arrives at an isolated house in the English countryside for her first shift, prepared for an uneventful evening ahead. So why, as soon as she’s left alone inside the house with her silent new patient, does Emma feel a growing sense of dread?


As the night draws on, unease slowly blossoms into terror, as signs of a threatening supernatural presence grow harder to dismiss. Desperate to escape the premises, yet unwilling to leave the old man behind, Emma is forced to confront the dark secrets which lie buried in the house… secrets that drive her towards an appalling revelation.


Director: David Holroyd
Producer: Crispin Manson, Matthew Stradling
Language: English
Writer: David Holroyd
Cast: Sophie Stevens, Kirstie Steele, Nick Bayly
Genre: Horror
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 75 Minutes
Production Year: 2018