The Seasoning House

An orphaned girl, imprisoned and put to work in a brothel by local militia, plots a bloody and brutal revenge against her captors.  


The much anticipated directorial debut from Paul Hyett, one of modern films’ most respected special make-up effects designers, whose credits include The Descent, Eden Lake, The Woman in Black and many more, The Seasoning House is a taught and claustrophobic exploration of psychological terror that mixes the nerve shredding genius of Hitchcock with Polanski’s visual intensity.


The Seasoning House is a grim and soulless place where young girls are bought and sold for men’s pleasure.  Here we meet Angel (Rosie Day), a young, orphaned girl enslaved by Viktor (Kevin Howarth).  Unbeknownst to her master, she moves between the walls and crawlspaces of the house – silently observing, learning and planning for her escape.


When her closest confident is savagely killed, Angel can no longer contain her rage and sets out through both ingenuity and brutality to seek justice.

Director: Paul Hyett (The Special Make-Up Effects genius behind The Descent, Eden Lake, The Woman in Black)
Producer: Michael Riley
Language: English (With occasional English subtitles)
Writer: Paul Hyett, Conal Palmer, Adrian Riglesford.
Cast: Rosie Day, Sean Pertwee (Event Horizon, Dog Soldiers, Equilibrium), Kevin Howarth, Anna Walton (Hellboy 2, Mutant Chronicles),
Genre: Thriller
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 89 Minutes
Production Year: 2012